About Pillow Factory

Manufacturing of all types of Pillows, Cushions & also various covers, sheets, filling material and matress.You can get your own customized pillow with your logo and design.

Manufacturing all type of pillows with your logo and design

Producing Pillows with various filling materials and types of covers

We are manufacturer and supplier of all materials of pillows. We can produce memory foam pillows, Bead Fiber, Ball Fiber, Recycled Fiber, Silicone Fiber, Sponge clips, Wool Flock, Polyester Fiber, Feather, Buckwheat, Kapok, Cotton, Wool Fillings with any shape and design and also various fabric types. Inner cover and outer cover with various fabrics and also digital printing on the cover. Our Factory is in Istanbul & Izmir, we are producing Fiber and various filling material and also all types of pillows.

  • Cotton Covers
  • Polyester Covers
  • Bamboo Covers
  • Cooling Covers
  • Saten Covers

Our Products & Services

We are producing all types of pillows with bead fiber, fiber, foam, memory foam, polyester fiber.

Cotton Pillow Covers

Filling with various fiber or alternatives %100 Cotton Pillow Case.

Sided Pillow

Cotton or Polyester Pillow Cases with side flanks

Pattern Design Covers

Self pattern, stripe pattern cotton, polyester or mix covers.

Polyester Fabric Covers

Water Resistant Polyester Fabric Covers.

Saten Covers

Saten, Silk Covers Cotton and Polyester or mix.

Capitone Pillow Case

Capitone pattern pillow cases with cotton, polyester, bamboo or mix fabrics.

Bamboo Pillow Case

Bamboo Fabric Covers.

Printed & Dyed Pillow Case

Printed, Digital Printed, Colored Gift or Promotional Decorative Pillow Cases

Sherpa Fabric Pillow Case

Sherpa Fabric Cotton + Towel Pillow Cases

Pillow Fabrics

Cotton, Jersey, Canvas, Sateen, Acrylic, Plush, Pelush, Saten, Polyester, Silk, Pelush, Nylon, Poplin, and endless choice of fabrics available for pillow production. Pillow case with or without zipper with cotton fabric or various interlinings, wadding, baline, tela, wigan, fusing, fabric stabilizer, sew-in interfacing, woven interlinening, non-woven interlining. Very wide range of pillow case / pillow slip

Pillow Raw Materials

Wadding, Tela, Interlinings, Fibers, Bead Fibers, Silicone Fibers, Fine Fibers, Opened Fibers, Memory Foam with any shape you like, Sponge, Cotton Fibers, Wool, Feathers, Bedtick, pillow case fabrics You can manufacture your brand pillows, we can design and produce your pillows and ship directly your own or amazon warehouse ready to sell with all prepared labels and barcodes..

Pillows & Cushions

Many shape and sizes and types of pillows are possible, Cooling Gel Pillows, U-Neck Pillows, Travel Pillows, Sleeping Pillows, Hotel Pillows, Decorative pillows, Pregnant Pillows, Baby Pillows, Marine Pillows, Pet Pillows, Printed / Digital Printed Pilllows, Cushions and Special / Customized pillows as per your design and brand.


We are producing pillows with your brand and logo, we are also able to source and supply components of pillows such as Pillow Cover / Pillow Cases. We can produce and supply any type of pillow cases, with your pattern, design and color. We are also able to make digital printing on fabrics. We are sourcing fabric covers from Istanbul and Denizli Factories.


Hotel Pillows


Travel Pillows


Pregnant Pillows


Quilt / Coverlet


Memory Foam Pillows


Special & Customized Pillows


Special & Customized Pillows


Pelush Toy, Jacket & Quilt Filling


Producing Pillows according to your request and with your brand logo. We are pillow manufacturers, producing all types of pillows directly shipping to your warehouse or your agreed B2B e-commerce / internet selling portal warehouse, like Amazon, WallMart, e-bay etc. as ready to sell, packed, barcoded and labelled.

Our Portfolio

We are manufacturing Pillows with your brand or no-brand for use in Hotels, Jails, Schools, Hospitals and similiar purposes. We are producing all types of Pillows and Cushions. Beside pillows, our facility produces quilts, pelush toys, jackets, vest, waistcoats with fiber, feather, downlike fiber, ball fiber filled materials.


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